Meet Our Top 5 Scarves Right Now

It’s hard to pick a favourite – it’s kind of like choosing a favourite child, but there are a few standouts this season that we constantly wear, and our customers are loving too.

Here are our top 5 scarves and the special moments behind each place.
1 Beehive Huts
On a trip to Kerry, Dairine she came across the stunning clusters of stone Beehive huts. They were built in the Early Medieval period and were used as houses.

The KDK Sisters And Their Wanderlust!

We love to travel. Can you tell?!

It’s where we find the most inspiration for our scarf designs – whether it’s to a favourite Irish haunt or far-flung to the farthest corners of the globe, we’ve got the wanderlust, we’ve got it bad…

Travel is one of the things that gives you so many special memories and broadens your mind. Seeing different countries, cities and cultures gives us constant inspiration.